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Our firm is experienced at handling matters involving a broad range professional liability subjects, including litigation sounding in attorney malpractice, accounting malpractice, title abstract company negligence, as well as, the defense of directors and officers in business related litigation.

We have decades of professional expertise in litigation and settlement of all aspects of auto related accidents. These include accidents involving pedestrians, bicycles, public busses, commercial trucks and motorcycles.

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of disputes relating to No-Fault claims. Whether litigated in Court, or handled in Arbitration proceedings, we have the up-to-date knowledge and expertise needed to properly see to just results.

These coverages are part of the policy endorsements available in New York State, and include accidents involving uninsured motor vehicles, whose operators are responsible for the happening of the accident; and Underinsured vehicles, if the wrongdoer’s policy is inadequate to compensate for the damages caused.

This involves medical, dental, podiatric, and other services provided by health care providers, where there is a departure from accepted standards of medical care.  Whether it is a failure to diagnose, erroneous diagnoses, failure to treat properly and adequately, or negligently performed procedures, these departures can result in grave injuries, that permanently affect the patient and their families. Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants in these matters, we have the professional knowledge as to how to properly and thoroughly evaluate both sides of the controversy, to see to a fair settlement, or litigate to conclusion before the Court.

This area of Law involves serious and permanent injuries, and related medical expenses incurred, for work-related accidents.  Such incidents include accidents involving elevation-related falls from scaffolding or ladders, and can also include incidents where there was a failure to properly cover holes or openings.  There is also normally a related Workers’ Compensation claim filed.

We handle claims for damages to persons and property as a result of accidental fires, explosions, and flooding.  These may be occasioned by mechanical breakdowns, electrical fires, and/or other combustion related activities. These matters require use of experts in the area of fire and flood determination of cause and origin. Additionally, there are issues of alternate living quarters, and cleaning storage of personal property, which is an aspect quite significant to those made homeless by a disastrous event.

This area of law involves instances where there is a domestic animal, whether a cat, a dog, or other types of exotic animal, are kept as pets, and which cause significant or deforming injuries, whether by bite, scratches, or by causing someone to fall.  The owners and custodians of these animals can be held responsible for the related damages.

On some occasions, insurance carriers evaluate the terms and conditions of their policy of insurance, to ascertain the applicable exemptions or exclusions for coverage to their insureds.  We resolve these disputes by assessing whether there is in fact coverage, and what the coverage amount should be, based upon the loss that is involved.  There are many instances when we are required to litigate the issue whether a particular insurance carrier or carriers owe coverage as primary or secondary insurers.  Further, there are often issues of the additional insurance coverages provided by a secondary insurer, which might be accessible to insureds, for which they would not otherwise be cognizant.

Such transactions include the purchase and sale of residential and/or commercial property.  This involves compliance with necessary State and Local rules as to property violations and/or liens, which must be cleared prior to completion of the transaction.

Petrocelli & Christy, LLP, is familiar with all aspects involving insurer’s rights of recovery of benefits paid under the Insurance Law. Our firm has represented many insurers, both seeking to recover and defend those proceedings involving mandatory Arbitration claims.  Our expertise has created respect and credibility with our adversaries, leading to a quick, reasonable, and rational resolution of these matters.

These suits arise when “handshake” agreements, whether or oral or written, which break down as a result of one or more of the parties feeling that they have been taken advantage of, or that the agreement was breached by another.

Our attorneys are deeply concerned in assuring that the wishes of the client, or their Estates are realized. We see to the drafting of necessary documents, including Wills and codicils, along with evaluating Trust issues so as to permit our clients to properly retain as much of their personal assets as allowed under the law, while also permitting them to receive governmental and/or private assistance and care.